• Evaluations of potential emerging farms and assess viability of essential oil production.
  • Recommendations of essential oil crops to be planted.
  • Assessment of agricultural infrastructure required before essential oil production can be considered.
  • Assistance with developing business plans for the farmers and their stake holders or financiers.
  • Assistance in obtaining financial support from the public and private sectors both locally and internationally
  • Comprehensive assistance with initial land preparation and plantings.
  • Continual, on-farm agronomic training of incubates from experienced SEOBI agronomic field officers.
  • On site training in the process of essential oil extraction by steam distillation.
  • Access to cost-effective mobile steam distillation equipment for smaller scale farmers.
  • Access to reliable and competitive international markets via long term supply contracts.
  • Chemical and sensory analyses of essential oils in orders to determine quality and marketability.
  • Design & implementations of the appropriate governance, legal and management structures for the business being incubated.
  • Community development interventions within the incubated business and the broader community in which it operates.
  • Business skills training;
  • Liaison with other appropriate Government Departments e.g. Agriculture and Land Affairs.



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