SA Essential Oils Business Incubator (SEOBI) welcomes you to the flamboyant world of aromatic and fragrant plant extracts, known as essential oils.

Essential oils are volatile, fragrant components from various indigenous & exotic plants. These oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation at yields of 0.01% - 0.5%. These High valued crops are used in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, Nutraceutical and Pesticides Industries for crop protection, disease reduction, flavors(predominantly beverages), cosmetics, fragrances and aromatherapy.

Main Focus

Accelerate the creation and development of emerging essential oil enterprises.

Facilitate and promote viable, enterprises that will meaningfully contribute job creation and poverty alleviation.

Use a holistic approach towards development of the whole value chain through hands-on training, capacity building and support of enterprises.

Seobi’s Four-Phased Entrepreneurial Development Process

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